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Racism Belongs Nowhere Near Sports

Well, here we go again, another cancerous mark on the sports world. I write this blog following the events that happened during the Juventus - Cagliari game this past Tuesday. Young Moise Kean received racist chants from the Cagliari fans. They made monkey noises after he scored Juventus' second goal, something that black players have… Continue reading Racism Belongs Nowhere Near Sports

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When Does March Madness Become March Sadness?

It's when the place you once got blacked out at and overdosed on caffeine at, loses, and your school pride as an alumni takes a hit. But if you are in the majority of the population that went to community colleges, division 2 schools, or barely even made it through high school, it's when you… Continue reading When Does March Madness Become March Sadness?