Aaron Rodgers Finally Meets with the Media Since Draft Day and Gives His Honest Reaction.

The long-awaited response of Aaron Rodgers finally came to fruition today as he jumped on a conference call with the media for the first time since the draft.

Link to the presser:


Although there was a ton of anticipation for a hot Aaron Rodgers take blasting the Packers organization, we unfortunately got a reasonable and levelheaded response. It was a very levelheaded Aaron Rodgers saying that “I understand why” the pick happened as he gets that every team has to look forward to the future as well as focusing on the present. Rodgers doubled down on his statements on wanting to stay in Green Bay but fully admitted that it’s not in his control and that all he can do is worry about being the best quarterback for Green Bay as of right now.

Rodgers does go on to explained that he reached out the Jordan Love and had a great conversation with the kid. He looked forward to helping him along and was excited to work with him.

Look, clearly Rodgers handled the presser with poise and level-headedness, and we can’t really be shocked. He’s a mature, veteran QB but that doesn’t mean his relationship with the Packers and LaFleur is all of the sudden back on track. A lot of things can change in the course of the season and if any sort of friction starts to build just remember the catalyst for Rodgers eventually leaving Green Bay and going elsewhere started with the selection of Jordan Love.

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