Sports Betting Has Come to Colorado, And Immediately Russian Ping-Pong Became ELECTRIC

As of May 1st, sports betting came to Colorado, well at least legally it did. Some people probably don’t even know about it because well, other things are going on right now. On top of that, there really aren’t any sports going on right now in America, but thats when the great one’s adjust and I’m here to tell you that I did just that.

Actually everyone in Colorado did just that. According to Fox 31 in Denver, almost all the early bets have been DOMINATED by the Moscow table tennis Liga Pro league. Ya we are all betting on Russian table tennis and it’s absolutely electric.

I was off to a hot start hitting a $5 parlay bet that more than quadrupled my money. Huge shout out to Denis Sayanov and Alexander Gribkov, two ping pong legends in the making. I hope some day when this is all over, we can all grab some big imperial Russian style beers.

You know, quarantine has gotten pretty dull and words can’t express how Russian ping-pong has put ya boy back on the map. I’ve now considered myself an avid fan of all things Russian or ping-pong related (expect the whole communist thing).

Betting on ping-pong or should I say table-tennis because i’m now one of the sports most trusted insiders on the matter, is insane because of how quick the games go. It’s like day trading in the stock market, the lines change within an instance and you have got to get your shit together if you want a piece of that Russian table-tennis pie.

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