Going Forward SportsInformal Is Now Die Hard Korean Baseball Fans.

In case you haven’t heard the big news of the day, let me fill you in. No, it’s not the sad passing of football legend Don Shula who will always be remembered as one of the greats of the NFL, and no it’s not that they just decided to cast Nicolas Cage as Joe Exotic in a new scripted series.

It’s that ESPN has just announced that they will now be televising all KOB (Korean Baseball) league games.

That’s right, we got sports back!

I don’t even care what kind of sport it is and how much I know about it, the most unequivocal part is that we as a sports community have something to watch, cheer for, and attach ourselves to once again. Who would have thought that the Korean Baseball league would be the night in shining armor to pull us out of the depths of self-isolation in a world locked down on quarantine.

I think we should all show our appreciation to the KBO baseball league and become the die hard fans that they deserve. I’ve since become a die-hard, life-long fan of the Kiwoom Heroes and can’t be told otherwise.

Want to know more about the Heroes? I thought you’d never ask, lets learn more about my favorite South-East Asian baseball team.

Their first matchup of the season comes tonight at precisely 11pm MDT or 1am EDT against the heated rivals (maybe)….The KIA Tigers. Booooooooo!!! Let’s get em boys!! The Kiwoom Heroes will Ki-Whip the Tigers asses this is one you’ll want to stay up late for.

Here is the rankings as of last year to give you newbies a feel of what I’ve been watching my whole life as of today at 9am.

I know my boys [Kiwoom Heroes] are hungry for their first chip this year and I cant wait to see it happen. KBO Baseball for the win, sports is back

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