The Green Bay Packers Looking For Their “Last Dance” With Rodgers

Perhaps capping off the most surprising move by any team during this years’ 2020 NFL Draft was The Green Bay Packers moving up in the 1st round to select Jordan Love, a top QB prospect from Utah State. That makes things a bit awkward because on The Pat McAfee show DURING THE DRAFT, Aaron Rodgers was on and said this about his hopes for what Green Bay does in the 1st round.

That’s just…….well thats awkward. The Green Bay Packers had arguably more question marks this time last year going into the season after firing long time head coach Mike McCarthy and replacing him with Matt LeFleur. After a 13-3 season though? I don’t understand the move. Take into consideration that this 2020 Draft class was known for being one of the deepest at the WR position and they failed to add any weapons at the WR position. Rodgers cannot be happy with the way things went for the Packers during the draft.

The question now remains, how long before Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Slackers split up? So far there are articles that are saying that it could be as soon as a year, but if you take into consideration what happened when Rodgers was selected as Favre was still the man at Green Bay some 15 years ago… well that took 3 seasons before Rodgers got the starting gig. I would not be surprised if the Packers are looking to groom the newly drafted Jordan Love for a similar scenario. It could depend on how butt hurt Rodgers gets over the situation as well, he might be a passive aggressive son of a gun but I ultimately think he wants to stay in Green Bay.

Listen, Rodgers ain’t getting replaced by a QB from Utah State any time soon, and even more important than that, Jordan Love might never end up earning the starting job anyways. There is no guarantee that Love will transition into the NFL flawlessly and become the next face of the Packers franchise and if there is, it will not be for many seasons which brings us back to the main topic. Why in the hell after going 13-3 and making it to the NFC Championship game, would Green Bay go and move up to select a work-in-progress-quarterback when you have a dynamic, top of his game, elite one in Rodgers already?

That’s where I can see a line being drawn, it was a wasted opportunity to get immediately better and one that angered and upset your best player. For now, we will sit here and wait to see what Rodgers official comments are on the pick but suddenly the relationship in Green Bay has gotten interesting and I cannot wait to see what drama will unfold in the upcoming season.

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