The Return of Gronk.

Some breaking news just in case you live under a rock.

Tampa Bay just went from Mr. 30/30 himself [Jameis Winston] to Tom Brady and now Rob Gronkowski. Talk about an amazing offseason for the most forgettable NFC South team. Gronk has been hinting that he wasn’t completely done with football and some were already speculating that wherever Brady goes, Gronk might pull out of retirement and follow suit.

How much different does that make Tampa’s offense now that a Tight End who has been retired for a year comes in and most likely makes current #1 Tight End on the Bucs, OJ Howard play a possible second fiddle to the legendary Gronk? Well I guess we have to wait and see if the Bucs hold on to Howard, but let’s not forget, a lot of successful offenses can have a dynamic 1-2 Tight End punch. Ed Mcaffery and Shannon Sharpe [97 Broncos] come into mind when I think of dynamic Tight End duos. In either case, with or without OJ the Bucs have had a serious facelift this offseason but it’s not for certain, nothing is in this league.

Let’s see, for 20 years, Tom Brady has been with one franchise one owner, one coach, one city. This new stint with a city that’s….. well it’s not bursting at the seems with football pedigree lets say, has me thinking that even with his buddy Gronk back in the mix, that this transition is not going to be easy. Remember when Farve went to the Jets? Michael Jordan to the Wizards? To me, this is an old man going down to Florida to play some retirement football in a low pressure environment. His legacy is already cemented, there isn’t going to be that same “Patriots Way” intensity to attacking a season that Bill Belichick has all his teams lock into.

The best thing to come out of this offseason will finally be the answer to the mainstream question that has been debated thousands of times. Was the greatest football dynasty due in part to Tom Brady’s greatness, or Bill Belichick’s mastermind-ness? The answer is most likely somewhere in the middle, but it’s clear the at the tail-end of their football playing careers, both Brady and Gronk were done with Belichick. With the return of Gronk, Tom Brady has one last goal in mind, and I don’t think it’s a championship. It’s proving he is still the greatest without his Hall Of Fame coach, Bill Belichick.

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