Clay Travis Is The Most Toxic Person In All Of Sports Media

I get it, Clay Travis has this whole appeal that is un-biased un-filtered and with ample polarizing opinions. It’s really fresh, nobody has had the guts to take that type of brave approach before; other than Jim Rome, Stephen A., Skip Bayless, Mad Dog, Mark Cuban, Jerry Jones, Colin Cowherd, Max Kellerman, Woodie Paige, Chris Broussard, Don Cherry, Michael Wilbon, etc.

Recently the new beef on the Twitter streets has Peter King going after Clay Travis for all his ridiculous tweets and rants about the coronavirus situation.

Unfortunately this recent spat between the two is more or a less a political argument and that can always get a bit messy especially with the extremists that are on the Twitter machine. I’m not taking political sides here and I want to make that loud and clear. It’s not the cowards way out as some may suggest, and when I say “some” I mean people like Clay Travis, but when it comes to politics it’s genuinely how I feel. When it comes to politics, I ride the fence so hard that I end up pissing both neighbors off. That’s an amazing analogy by the way I’m saving that.

The problem is with the lack of sports, Clay Travis has taken this time and energy and direct it to openly criticize healthcare officials, doctors, virologists, government officials, and nationally syndicated media sources. Here comes all the fun irony.

Clay Travis suggests that the media who reports “false information” should be fined money and I actually like that idea. The problem is it came out of this guys mouth.

Here we have Mr. Travis only a day earlier reposting an article with no credible sources to back it up, in fact, in the article, the person making these very claims say that it is inconclusive and that the evidence points to the exact contrary. So there is your false media claims.

Here is another one.

Clay is upset about how the media is spreading the fear of the virus and only focusing on the negative. He now calls it “fear porn” and mocks people who are taking the spread of a virus serious or people who are scared for their vulnerable loved ones.

Kind of ironic someone who was crying about something 100% right before publishing almost seems to have his own version of a political agenda.

So according to Clay Travis the coronavirus (COVID-19) was created in a Chinese lab, and is being used as a fear tool by the media while simultaneously the president Donald Trump was proactively saving lives. I’m not going to comment on that take that sentence how ever you want to.

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