Dak Prescott Wants A Massive New Contract And To Spread The Coronavirus

Dak Prescott is looking to get upwards of $100m+ of guaranteed money for his new contract with the Cowboys and its well noted that the Cowboys did offer him roughly $30-35m a year back in March but was then eventually turned down by Prescott. The per-year pay isn’t what Dak is holding out on, but the ability to have a large if not all of his contract be guaranteed was a big stipulation along with a long-term contract in the neighborhood to a 4-6 year deal. As it stands right now the franchise tag can be placed on Dak for $33m for 2020 as talks of a long term deal will most likely carry on into the summer and perhaps beyond that.

So Dak doesn’t like being paid as a top 5 quaterback in the league, which he is most certainly not, he’d rather be paid instead; as a top 3 quaterback.

He also does’t like to follow social distancing guidelines during this coronavirus pandemic.

So allegedly Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliot held a party of about 30 people during the midst of all the stay-at-home orders and had taken a ton of heat and back lash for it rightfully so.

Listen, as my face of the franchise I don’t like when my 2 best players essentially brake the quarantine rules put in place basically all over the globe in an effort to save lives. More so than that, after turning down $30ish MILLION DOLLARS a year and then blow off advice by global health experts durning this world wide pandemic…..it’s a bad look.

Inversely, I’ve seen a lot worse things done by NFL players who are still playing in the NFL this day. It’s not the worse thing that much is true, but who knows where Dak’s image goes from here. His popularity is quickly turning a corner as is Zeke’s with the off the field antics. Also, practice safe social distancing guys you never know, you might end up saving a life.

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