The De-Construction Of The Houston Texans, A Story About Bill O’Brien.

Good old Bill “Oh my god he did it again” Brien is back with another classic. Since the beginning of the 2019 season Bill O’Brien has made a plethora of breath taking moves in free agency that have me seriously think we might need to place him in concussion protocol.

  • Goodbye to Jadeveon Clowney for two no-names and a pick he later trades away
  • Goodbye to your 1st round pick in 2020 and 2021 for……Laremy Tunsil and Kenny Stills
  • Give up an O-linemen for Carlos Hyde
  • The 3rd round pick from the Clowney trade for a Raiders CB Gareon Conley, ya who??
  • Trade away one of the leagues best receivers DeAndre Hopkins for David Johnson and a 2nd round pick, Arizona gets away with burglary.
  • Trade away a 2nd round pick for Cooks (at $81m for 5 years) and receive a 4th round pick

So that’s your Bill “Oh my god he did it again” Brien timeline of trades since taking over as GM. He must really not believe that draft picks are important, you know……things to have for a team. Actually come to think of it, you ever get a job put on you after one of your co-workers was let go and now your work doubles but your pay remains the same? Some of us end up purposely doing a terrible job at it so your company has no choice but to go out and hire someone else. Is Billy O’Brien doing that petty shit? Probably not, O’Brien is actually a certified maniac.

O’Brien just lost his absolute noodles on a fan after being down 31-3 at half to rookie Drew Lock in his 1st ever road start. Looks like he was handling it well.

Well guess what, Bill O’Brien is also doing a terrible job at play calling along with his GM duties. Remember that 24-0 lead he had on the Chiefs? Ya neither do the Chiefs because they came back and scored 51 to win. Bill O’Brien and his massive butt-chin have had a rough time on 4th down play calls that have come back to bite him multiple times. How about the 5 fourth downs that they went for in the 2018 playoffs and got only 1 of them. Things like that make his butt-chin all the more disgraceful to look at.

Listen I’m not here to make fun of peoples faces, that’s not what I’m about. Matt Johnson of wrote a piece on how former players have gone as so far to warn free-agents to stay away from Houston because of how bonkers Bill O’Brien is. That’s a big problem, and for some reason it actually makes me sad. Deshaun Watson is one hell of a quaterback and JJ Watt is an amazing player, just purely as a football fan I hate seeing their talents being wasted to a psycho coach who is slowly dismantling the team inside-out.

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