Is Drew Lock Actually A Good QB, Or Just A Lovable Kid Who Happened To Go 4-1 In His First 5?

With the NFL Draft looming ever closer teams are getting ready to build around a few core guys or start over completely from scratch. This had me thinking about what the Denver Broncos need to do in order to continue the momentum they had at the end of last year. The looming question that trumps all others about the team, is if Drew Lock can truly be “the guy” for the Broncos. The Broncos have been swinging and missing so much on guys that they are starting to look like the Colorado Rockies.

Even with so many misses at the quaterback position, it’s easy to see the fanbase and coaching staff have much more optimism for the upcoming season unlike baseball fans do with the Colorado Rockies.

The general consensus is that both head coach Vic Fangio and GM John Elway believe he [Lock] has done enough the be the guy going forward. Winning 4 out of your first 5 is a promising trajectory for the young Drew Lock, but the general consensus of the rest of the NFL world is that he is still widely unproven. He is so unproven that even Gregg Rosenthal of listed Drew Lock at #27 of 35 quaterbacks ranked, based on their value. According to Gregg Rosenthal, Lock at #27 on the list ranks behind the likes of Dwayne Haskins [26], Daniel Jones [24], and Josh Allen [23]. When you take a look at Lock’s numbers in his first 5 starts you start to wonder why Rosenthal has him so low, Lock threw 7 TD’s for 3 Int and 1020 yrds in 5 games. When you average out his numbers he’d be at a modest 3264 yrds and roughly 22 TD for 9 Int after a full 16 game schedule as 1st year rookie picked in the 2nd round. For comparison, Josh Allen threw for 3089 yrds 20 TD’s and 9 Int last year in all 16 starts as a 2nd year 1st round pick. I’m here to tell you Haskins numbers are much worse than that, and Daniel Joneses numbers are basically the same as Josh Allens as far as yards and TD’s go. So why in the world is Lock so low in the eyes of Rosenthal? Well, I’d venture a guess its the only 5 games thing.

It’s a fair argument to say that 5 games is just simply not enough to say Lock is going to be a great quaterback for the Broncos. Even after breaking down the numbers against Gregg Rosenthal, I stand firm in saying Lock is going to be the man in Denver for a reason entirely different. In one word, swag

Think about the quaterback carousel Denver has been on minus the horrible production. Brock Osweiler looks like a used car salesman and kind of talks like one, Case Keenum looks and acts like a certified public accountant and don’t even tell me that Trevor Siemian would’t be his I.T. guy fixing his network settings every other week. Joe Flacco, oh man Joe Flacco is the grumpy father who constantly has to yell at his kids to quiet down.

Than there is Drew Lock, certified lip-syncing OG. I tell you what, the players and fans have to be excited about a guy who actually looks like he loves what he is doing and doesn’t care otherwise. It’s a breath of fresh air to a franchise that has struggled to find its way since winning the Super Bowl 5 years ago. You can say his numbers aren’t mesmerizing as a rookie, but you can also say that the entire team around him picked up in energy and effort when he steps on the field. His intangibles is what excites me the most, his care-free attitude and way he carries himself is reviving a once mundane and lethargic looker room. Von Miller calls him a rockstar, Bradley Chubb thinks he’s going to be the next big thing in the NFL and Courtland Sutton proclaims his confidence in the new quaterback.

So I ask again, is Drew Lock actually a good QB or just a lovable kid who went 4-1 in his first 5 starts?

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