Joe “Exotic” Burrow. The Tiger King Of College Next Task Is To Tame The Bengals.

Have you guys seen “The Tiger King”? That show is like watching a car crash in slow motion, you just can’t take your eyes off of it. Seems kind of like how it’s going to be when the best college quaterback is drafted to Cincinnati. Joe Burrow was his own version of the Tiger King at LSU, and the cat-themed carousel looks to continue when the desperate Bengals look to score the new face of the franchise.

The Bengals have always been possibly the most mediocre team in the entire NFL over the past decade. They are stuck in a football purgatory but things are trending to change after finally firing long time head coach Marvin Lewis after 16 years at the helm in 2018. It should be noted that well known redhead Andy Dalton who is also known for football, is still on the roster. Look Joe Burrow is going #1 overall and he is starting. There is no way anyone could be so stupid to bench the #1 overall pick…….

…..ok maybe another AFC North team is stupid enough to do it again. People are already making Joe Burrow Tiger King shirts because when I want to get excited about my new face of the franchise, I compare him directly to a lying, drug using, exotic animal abusing, criminal.

Never change Cincinnati, never change. Actually I take that back, you should change, definitely change if you ever want to win a playoff game. The rookie Tiger King, Joe “Exotic” Burrow is going to be in a division with the raining MVP and AFC powerhouse Baltimore Ravens, a completely stacked Browns team with Bakers’ facial hair, and a revived Ben Roethlisberger who also has a facial hair complex. Joe Burrow can only do so much as a rookie, and without the help of a stacked roster around him things look bleak for the Bengals in the AFC North.

AJ Green is a nice weapon who’s hurt a lot. Joe Mixon he’s um, he’s chill. The Bengals defense was ranked 26th in pass coverage, and the brand new head coach Zac Taylor went 2-14 in his first year, the Bengals will be tricky to tame for Burrow. Plus lets not forget, Burrow has small hands so he’s got a lot working against him.

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