The Fans Of The Colorado Avalanche Can’t Watch The Colorado Avalanche, In Colorado While Fans Of The Denver Nuggets, Can’t Watch The Denver Nuggets, In Denver.

There are only really 3 available TV providers in Denver, Colorado. Comcast (Xfinity), Direct TV, and Dish Network and out of all those providers guess how many hold the local regional sports network, Altitude TV?

None of them, none of the 3 main providers have an active contract with Altitude and seeing as Altitude is the only one who owns broadcasting rights to televise the Colorado Avalanche and Denver Nuggets, fans cannot watch any Avalanche or Nuggets games in their own home, within this Colorado market. You thought you hated your cable providers? Imagine if they came to your house and told you that you couldn’t watch your favorite teams play anymore on TV and blocked the only channel they were on.

If you drive around town here in Denver you’ll see and hear the signs from billboards to radio-ads that Altitude has tried to fight back by having everyone contact their local provides that they currently have and voice your anger and frustration with them. Not only that they also have a site where you can sign the petition in hopes to bring back Altitude TV, which you can access here.

Without getting to deep into the nitty gritty of the politics between Altitude and it’s contract with the 3 big providers, it’s most simply put that all 3 provers thought that Altitude TV was asking for too much money for a regional sports network and thus gave them their only working price to continue to carry Altitude and hasn’t budged from it. Unfortunately, the price that all 3 of the providers won’t budge from, isn’t anywhere close to where Altitude could sustain broadcasting operations and would essentially put them out of business thus ensuing them being dropped. Now whatever you want to believe is on you, the fact of the matter is that both the Nuggets and the Avalanche are owned by Kroenke Sports Entertainment (KSE) a Stan Kroenke company to be more specific. You want to know who also owns Altitude as well? You guess it, Mr. Stan Goddamn Kroenke. Would also like to know what companies like Comcast and Direct TV own as well? Regional sports networks, thats right Direct TV’s parent company AT&T owns 4 regional sports networks across the nation and Comcast owns about another 7 as well. Well that might just be the conflict right there.

Let’s add insult to injury for the poor die-hards of the Nuggets and Avalanche. Both respected teams have not been good in recent history in which the fans have endured valiantly. To make a long roster history short for both teams, lets say they went through the re-build years and are now both seen as title contenders. Look at last year, both the Colorado Avalanche and the Denver Nuggets were both 1 win away from their respected series from going to the western conference finals. There has been nothing but excitement and nervous anticipation for this upcoming year for the teams and the fans, oh the poor fans, got bent over and blindsided up the ol’ rear with this cable dispute.

There isn’t an end in sight, and fans of the Colorado Avalanche and Denver Nuggets are left with a blank screen in which they can see their own lifeless, passionless, sad faces.

I’m one of those fans, it’s a cruel world we live in where die hards can’t watch the 2 most exciting teams in their own city.

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