We Were Wacko for Flacco, Now We Want Flacco To Pack-O.

Joe Flacco came in like wrecking ball. He came in, and wrecked it all.

I’ll be the first to admit that I jumped on that hype-train just like anyone who’s survived Trevor Siemian, Brock Osweiler, and Case Keenum carousel of mediocrity. Joe was going to be different, he was our Super Bowl MVP QB, he was going to resurrect this Broncos offense back into glory. He was the hot one-night-date that captured the heart of GM John Elway and swept him off his feet.

After receiving the final rose of Mr. Elway, Flacco in 8 games; has thrown 6 touchdown passes, 5 interceptions, has 1800 pass yards and has lead the Denver Broncos to a 2-6 record. The Broncos 125 total points through 8 games also is remarkably low for a normally historical franchise, and one could argue that this might be one of the most inept offenses the franchise has ever seen. The last time the Broncos scored more that 24 points in a game, Matt Lauer still had a job with NBC before he got all 1950’s aggressively touchy feely. What a douche. You want to also know who’s been a douche as well? John Elway. This dude has to be just blindly throwing darts at the quarterback dart-board when he tries to find the most important position in all of sports to lead his team.

Think about this, one of the most mobile, play-making QB’s of all-time went out and got the antithesis to everything that made himself successful in the league to play for his own team. He went and signed the stiff-legged historically immobile, stoic- faced Joe Flacco. Talk about someone who’s just panicking at the helm. There is absolutely no way he thought Flacco was the answer, and when Flacco started openly criticizing the play calling after the brutal loss to the Indianapolis Colts news came out that he would no longer be the starter because of “neck trouble”.

He might have neck issues that’ll take him out for the rest of the season, he might have also knew he didn’t want to be the lightning rod for criticism like he was in Baltimore all over again and made it clear to the media.

It’s hard to say Joe Flacco is wrong, the play calling on the offense has been highly questionable this year but the guy coming off of a game with 8 sacks in Kansas City, has to know how to use his legs to create plays at some point. Not only that, I sat there and watched him roll out twice in the red-zone and throw the ball 50 feet into the stands. The guy who has showed little courage and conviction to at least make a play for a desperate losing team on the road, wanted to openly question why they didn’t go for it more and play more aggressively. Thats the equivalent of you constantly avoiding paying for your heating bill and then have the nerve to call you landlord to complain that it’s always cold in your house.

Joe Flacco wasn’t the answer. All of Denver knew that the day he got signed, but the fact you wasted half the season wining only 2 games with a washed up, aging QB, who doesn’t even trust your own coaching staff instead of rolling the dice on a young and emerging QB is something that John Elway will always have to live with. For now, your new starting QB of the Denver Broncos is Brendan Allen who’s never played a snap in the National Football League.

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