Baker Mayfield Has Now Become The New King Of Cleveland With One Simple Shotgun.

Guess what gets the people going? How about setting the bar as a rookie QB by only starting in 13 out of 16 games and throwing for 3,700 yards and 27 TD’s (rookie record). How about having a vigorous temperament that leaks confidence enough for a whole league to notice? How about having a mustache that bestows strength, knowledge, wisdom while simultaneously giving even Burt Reynolds hot flashes.

Take a look at this Lip-Luggage.

How the “Got Milk” branding agency hasn’t already jumped on this for commercial rights is beyond me, but what’s NOT beyond me is the sheer beauty of that face lace.

Baker Mayfield is quickly finding his way to the top of every Clevelanders heart, (or is it Clevelandites). Either way, Baker is becoming the modern day Joe Namath with his unreal swagger and his habitual tone of tenacity in the press conference. The chosen prophet of the dawg pound, Baker Mayfield is set to have another big year with a smorgasbord of talent in place around him. With Baker slamming beers at ball games, serenading the media with witty remarks, and throwing touchdowns, does he now take the throne as the king of Cleveland?

Ok LeBron James fanatics, get at me. I want you guys to hear me out, you won’t find many LeBron fans outside of Ohio that have admired him as much from afar as myself. I think he’s one of the best to have ever done it and he’s going to beloved by his home for eternity. However; if Baker “the baby maker” Mayfield leads the long tortured Browns fans out of the deep despair of football purgatory, and into the promise land he LeBron will seem like a distant memory.

Get ready for that when the time comes Cleveland, but for now it’s best to hope on the magic carpet ride that is Bakers facial hair, and take that mustache ride to the playoffs. As of right now your king of the (AFC) North is Baker Mayfield.

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