Too Many Chef’s in The Kitchen.

Guess who’s back? I’ll keep coming back with these blogs like a recidivist offender. Actually I’m full of shit, it’s been since like the beginning of June when I last decided to tackle groundbreaking sports news giving out more hot baked takes than the Food Network.

So what’s the hot news buzzing around right now? I could literarily sum that up in 3 words. The NBA offseason. Holy cow, I feel like a detective in one of those shitty CBS prime-time shows stringing pieces of string that link a location to a player and a player to a location all over a bulletin board.

Always Sunny in Philadelphia

That’s an accurate depiction of me seeing how the landscape of the NBA has shifted in the course of 2-3 weeks.

Lets see here: Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving to the Brooklyn Nets, Anthony Davis to the Lakers, Kawhi Lenord and Paul Gorge to the Clippers, and Jimmy Butler to Miami?!

Then there was this.

Two of the NBA’s most dominate playmakers are going to be reunited in Houston. This one was a head scratcher. Two players that are known to control the game, dominate and attack, and even stat-pad are going to be playing together. I’ll venture a guess that 90% of America won’t even be able to name the other 3 starting players on the Houston Rockets and it won’t matter because they won’t touch the ball. Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should and this is a dynamic that’s as about as good as getting a pet lion and a pet gorilla to help protect your house. Both formidable creatures, but both are going to rip each others head off and completely annihilate your house in the process.

This reeks of a distressed organization that didn’t know what to do in an all out arms race that is the Western conference, and Houston made it known they can be just as splashy as the LA teams. Not only that, but Houston was desperate to get out of the $40m per-year contract that is the Chris Paul deal. They were so desperate that they gave up what seems like a fortune in draft capital to have OKC just take the guy off their hands. So, they lose draft picks and acquire another alpha dog. The chemistry is going to be oil and water and this is one of those rare times I actually agree with the masses on this.

Sometimes there can be just too many chef’s in the kitchen and the Houston Rockets are cooking with one crowed ass kitchen.

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