Why Can’t We Embrace Political Arguments Like We Do With Sports Arguments.

I don’t do politics at all. Sports is something I think we all embrace with joy and passion and while we argue non-stop and disagree on teams and subjects there’s this unwritten rule that no matter how much we yell at each other it’s all out born out of our love for our local teams. Obviously when large groups are passionate about something, there will be a select few that take it way too far. Remember this guy?

Ya way to go Chicago, real nice, I always equated your fanbase with class for reasons like this.

See what I did there? That’s what’s it’s all about, chipping other cities fan bases. Of course some sports fans may go a bit too far at times but let me tell you something, it’s not even close when compared to politics. The amount of horrific, absolutely terrible things I read on a daily bases on social media platforms regarding different views on a political issues in this nation is unreal.

This got me thinking, why can’t we embrace the sports world way of arguing about issues? I get it, sports well it’s supposed to be fun, it’s entertainment after all and politics effects our actual lives on a very real level hence the super duper levels of argo from people from both sides of an issue.

Here’s the big difference that I see on a daily basis that I just find wild when it comes to sports vs politics. When I jump on Twitter I see fans from all over the place arguing stats, players performances, and teams legacies but in a weird way this has made the entire sports community more connected than it’s ever been. When you take a second to look at politics you’ll find some of the worst things you’ve ever heard two human beings saying to each other and this has not connected the world of politics at all, in fact you could argue that, via Twitter, it’s more divided than ever.

There is an exception to this rule. It’s when the two intermingle, which tends to happen from time to time. Ya the whole Colin Kaepernick thing, that’s your prime example. That’s when the sports world started to divide because the “politicians” of social media had something they could use to drive a wedge into the sports community. In the end sports prevailed, people stopped caring about what player was standing or kneeling and started caring about who was going to the Super Bowl. Imagine a world where we could come back together after intense divide on all political issues like we did with football.

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