Aaron Rodgers Can Actually Chug A Beer. It Just Has To Be Through His Butt.

People all over the internet have trashed Aaron Rodgers for not being able to properly slam down a cold brew. He’s taking shame from all angles, being out-chugged by an O-Linemen is one thing, but getting out-chugged by Pete Davidson lookalike Christian Yelich was just embarrassing.

To make matters worse, even Mathew Stafford decided to get in on the action to show poor little Aaron how to chug properly with the caption, “true king of the north”. What a savage.

The thing is I don’t think Aaron Rodgers deserves all the heat that’s gone his way on social media for being a terrible beer chugger. Rodgers has spent a lot of his career being “butt-hurt”. Do I need to bring up the old painful memories of the infamous 05 draft where Rodgers free fell from being a potential #1 overall pick all the way to pick 24? Oh the awkwardness, the camera showing him sitting alone in the green room with that look of desperation. Lets also not forget about all the times Rodgers got butt-hurt being the backup behind Favre for years who wanted nothing to do with him and never wanted to come out of the game, not even for a snap. Let’s not forgot the most recent Rodgers butt-hurt situation got head coach McCarthy fired.

What does somebody do that has experienced that much butt-hurt in their life? Rodgers is too competitive to not use that experience to his advantage. Aaron Rodgers may not be that best beer chugger, but I tell you what, he might actually be the best butt chugger this planet has ever seen. All those years of being butt-hurt have strengthened his ass muscles to a point of supreme dominance. He’s too humble of a man to share this gift of his but it makes too much sense for it not to be true. I mean look at this man, this looks like a guy who slams brews in the bunghole on the reg.

People thought he was doped up on painkillers during this interview. Not Rodgers style, this dude clearly shotgunned a couple ales up the ass after the game and is ready to party. From butt-hurt to butt chugging Aaron Rodgers is the true embodiment of the American dream.

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