Drake The Super Fan Is Actually A Super Fan Of Every Team That’s Winning

The Toronto Raptors advance to their first finals appearance in history after beating the Milwaukee Bucks. That’s not even the biggest news for Toronto and their series with the Bucks, the biggest news was superstar rapper Drake. Yep Drake is everywhere, and we can’t seem to go 1 well known sporting event without seeing his mug all over the TV screen. Drake had his fun cheering on his hometown team, and it’s undeniable that he’s been a huge fan and supporter of the Raptors for years know. Remember when the Raptors endorsed him as a brand ambassador? The thing about Drake is, he always seems to become to biggest fan of whoever is winning at the time.

Ah I remember the infamous Drake curse like it was yesterday. That’s probably because it was, until the Raptors decided to break it.

The matchup between Golden State and Toronto will be a bit of a doozy for Drake; however. He’s been a bit of Golden State fan himself. That’s because Drake only cheers for teams that are hot. He’s the epitome of super star bandwagon fan.

“Golden State running practice at my house” – Drake.

There is also the fact that he’s actually got Kevin Durant’s and Steph Curry’s numbers tattooed on his arm with the the word “snipe” right below it.

And for all the other teams and athletes that were hot at the time well…..

Minus that top right corner of course.

Drake always seems to be sporting a jersey of a team that’s hot at the moment, and it’s got legitimate loyal fans confused and angry. LeBron James goes to LA and the city is a buzz of excitement, what happens next?

Pittsburg Penguins win yet another Stanley Cup.

The Tampa Bay Lightning finish one of the best regular seasons in hockey.

Drake is a superfan allright. A super Bandwagon Fan.

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