Knicks Fans Lose Out On Zion And The Fans Lose Their Noodles

Well by now everyone knows the results of the 2019 NBA Draft Lotto, also known as “The Road to Zion”. A handful of teams coming in with high hopes and high lotto percentages for #1 were all ecstatic of the idea of Zion. Possibly no team or fan base was more excited to get Zion than the Knicks. Well cue the disappointed fans because despite their higher odds, the Knicks will end up picking 3rd overall behind Memphis at 2 and New Orleans at 1, aka Zion’s new home. The influx of dejected fans posting about the let down is truly a sight to be seen. Starting off with Mr. New York himself, Stephen A Smith.

Here is Stephen A handling himself like a mature adult.

Oh he mad, and for good reason, with New Orleans picking Zion that may be enough to entice Anthony Davis to stay and not sign elsewhere cough cough like New York.

Knicks fans everywhere were lets say handling the news the best way New York knows.

Well there you have it, Knicks fans in a familiar state of anguish. The funniest part about all the Knicks fans losing their noodles over the #3 pick, is the fact that the Phoenix Suns had the 2nd worst record in the NBA and a 14% chance to pick #1 overall and came out of it with the #6 pick. Yet I can almost assure that no one has seen a reaction video of a Suns fan blowing their lid about it. Oh well, as Philly would say “trust the process” so only like 3-4 more seasons of being absolutely trash and you’ll have some nice draft picks ready to go.

Oh yes I guess congrats are in order for New Orleans for landing Zion, as mundane as that feels. Remember, MJ turned around The Bulls, LeBron turned around The Cavilers, perhaps it’s Zions turn to do the same.

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