Sad Time of the Year for Premier League Fans

Welp, its that unfortunate time of the year again. The Premier League season is officially over. Sad times for the fans of the undisputed best soccer league in the world (4 English teams in both European Cup Finals, come on).

One thing that stood out about this season is that the title race was decided on the last game of the season, with Man City edging Liverpool for the title. Man City has a knack for leaving it for the last minute like an Adderall fueled college student writing an 18-page paper at 3 AM the night before. Last time they did that, this happened:

AGUEERROOOO, absolute scenes.

I feel sorry for Liverpool though, only 1 loss all season long but it wasn’t enough to win the league. The seven draws they picked up along the way didn’t help that. The light at the end of the tunnel is ultimate European glory where they face off against Tottenham in Madrid on June 1st. Their fans still have something to look forward to.

Outside of the top 2, the race for the last two Champions League spots ended up in an absolute dumpster fire of a car crash that saw Chelsea and Tottenham qualify. Tottenham managed 13 losses in the league and Chelsea, in my opinion, have been awful all season long. Lucky for them, Arsenal and Manchester United had terrible ends to their seasons, which saw them miss out on the Top Four. Both Unai Emery and Ole Gunnar Solskjaer should be in the hot seat and their respective clubs. Underwhelming seasons for both clubs.

Lastly, as an Arsenal fan, I am proud of one of my favorite players, Pierre Emerick Aubameyang, for winning the golden boot! With 22 goals in the league, it is a deserved achievement for his first full season in the Prem. Keep up the good work Auba and help us edge past Chelsea in the Europa League final. Nothing wrong with taking the back door to Champions League qualification!


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