Are The Refs Chumming The Water For The Sharks?

The San Jose Sharks have been a perennial playoff team for years and are one of the best teams left in the playoffs. However, this years NHL playoffs have been friendly to the Sharks, so friendly that many have started to question a lot of controversial calls and non calls that have seemingly all gone the Sharks way.

We can start at the top with the most obvious. Round 1, Vegas Golden Knights vs The San Jose Sharks, game 7. Everyone and their grandma knows this story, Knights up 3-0 with roughly 11min to go, then.

That’s right, 5min major for a slight cross check. You never want to see a player get hurt that bad, but injury aside that was the play sent the Sharks into a 5min power play that scored 4 times and won the game for them.

Round 2, Colorado Avalanche vs The San Jose Sharks was a incredible series to watch. The series was everything you wanted out of playoff hockey, high flying skating met with huge hits, great goaltending and big goals. It was good enough to go to another game 7 but, unfortunately the questionable calls started to rear it’s ugly head again.

San Jose goes up to an early 2 goal lead, but the Avalanche push back. After cutting the lead in half, the Avalanche capitalize on a turnover and tie the game up, or so it seemed.

Yup, a loophole in the formalities of the game cost The Colorado Avalanche the tying goal. If Landeskog isn’t deemed completely off the ice from being a “too many men” penalty but yet is still considered on the ice for an offsides, that’s a loop hole.

Oh and the conclusive evidence that he was off sides and didn’t tag up was a horseshit call. Timing of an equalizer and huge momentum swing back into the Sharks favor. Yet again the Sharks win game 7, by 1 goal.

Lets just keep a close eye on this Western Conference Final. Could the Sharks be aided by untimely calls throughout the playoffs, or are they just a team of destiny?

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