Racism Belongs Nowhere Near Sports

Well, here we go again, another cancerous mark on the sports world. I write this blog following the events that happened during the Juventus – Cagliari game this past Tuesday. Young Moise Kean received racist chants from the Cagliari fans. They made monkey noises after he scored Juventus’ second goal, something that black players have to deal with regularly in the sporting world. Side note: those sorts of chants are so played out at this point, you racists out there are, along with being horrible people, quite unoriginal. Credit to Moise Kean though, he stared racism in the face, with supreme confidence for a 19-year-old, and celebrated like this in front of the Cagliari fans:

#Respect to the young lad. Love when a young player has the sauce. As Gucci Mane would say “You ain’t got no sauce your lost, but you can also get lost in the sauce”. Moise Kean has the sauce!

Of course, this incident sparked controversy in Italy, a country where I swear their sports fans have a competition with the town of Boston to determine who can be more racist. Moise Kean’s fellow teammate and Italian National Team defender Leonardo Bonucci had this to say about the event “There were racist boos after Kean’s celebration … but I think the blame is 50-50”. Hmmm, where have we heard a similar defense of racism like that before? Oh yeah, that’s right from this guy, following the events in Charlottesville, Virginia, where a White Nationalist ran over some protestors with his car:

Image result for donald trump mad

All in all, this sort of fan abuse belongs nowhere near sports, and the defense of racism by empowered people only give the racists a platform to stand on. In my opinion, Bonucci deserves a fat fine from UEFA for what he said, especially since they plaster their “No To Racism” campaign all over everything. In order for sporting entities to “Kick It Out”, they must crack down hard on players, coaches, fans, etc. who are involved in racist abuse. Therefore, one day we might experience a world free of such cancerous behavior.

I leave this post with something Raheem Sterling posted on his Instagram and Twitter following this event. I applaud this reaction, especially because he too has been on the receiving end of a ton of racist abuse throughout his career. Sometimes all you can do is laugh at these ridiculous people, who should be condemned for who they are, absolute scum.

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