Conor McGregor Should Play Khabib In A Game Of 21 To End Dispute.

In case you missed it Conor McGregor and Khabib Nurmagomedov had re-kindled their dispute via Twitter. After the way things have been going for McGregor lately I’m surprised he decided to start throwing shade at a guy who choked him out only 6 months ago. When I mean shade I mean McGregor went back to insulting Khabib’s religion and family all over again, well all know how that ended for him.

Of course we all know what happens after that, the infamous post fight brawl. This was one of those fights where you feel things were not “staged” and the animosity was very, very real.

Fast forward a handful of months, a retirement announcement, and a sexual assault allegation later, and McGregor is back on his bullshit. He took the best place to start feuds, known as Twitter, and posted something like this.

Ya, not the most politically correct thing to insult someone with. He not only insults Khabib’s wife but also his religion all in 6 simple words. Typical Conor, but these antics were also the reason why things unfolded the way they did last time they sparred. Khabib took to his own defense on Twitter calling McGregor a “rapist”, and posting a picture of him groping a woman.

This issue I have is, I don’t think any of this Twitter beef is going to amount to anything. McGregor has already formally retired and said he’ll only come back when Dana White sells him a stake in the company in which Dana had profoundly refused. Not to mention that the whole race-baiting/rape-accusing thing is super lame, and just a bad look for both of them. In an age where there is already so much religion vs religion hate and acts of extremism from either side, I personally think there are a lot more ways these two can settle this. I get it, people want to see fights, they want to see people get their blocked knocked off, it’s shock value for these UFC fights. You know what’s also shock value? Doing something that no one expects, doing something so far the opposite of what people are used to that they’ll have no choice but to watch it based on curiosity alone.

These two should challenge each other in a game of pick up basketball, a game of 21. Hear me out, remember watching Space Jam as a kid? Do you remember all the hype that was built up when the very fate of the Loony Tunes was put on the line in a game of basketball? These two could build this thing up so massive, so huge that every major network will want to cover it. Imagine the money from that, and the best part is not a cent will go to Dana White and the UFC. The even better part will be no more beating each other senseless for a little bit of fame and notoriety and a pay check from the UFC. Not a singe pair of fighters in the future will do anything like it either so it’ll be historical, something sports writers will talk about for years and years down the line. There is real animosity for each other, I get it, but they need to head my warnings, this race vs rape fight is bad for fighting bad for each other and bad for the world. A game of 21 would be hilarious, no one gets the shit kicked out of each other, and it’ll be hilarious and historical and that much I can assure you.

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