Russel Westbrook vs The Postgame Interview. The NBA’s Most Interesting Man.

Russel Westbrook could easily be the NBA’s most entertaining player, forget LeBron if you could ask Westbrook questions throughout the course of a day, you would have enough content to blow up the internet. He is in fact the NBA’s most interesting man and he has given us postgame gold again.

Here is Westbrook’s most recent clash with the postgame interview.

Russ does what Russ wants, if he wants to ignore an interviewers reasonable question about OKC’s recent struggles, and re-lace up his Air Jordan Why Not Zero’s, he will. The best part is the interviewers willingness to not back down and re-ask his question. Westbrook doesn’t give him eye contact, doesn’t even look in his direction the entire time and hit’s him back with “Matt what you want to do?”.

Of course this is nothing new for Westbrook, he’s been going toe to toe with the postgame interview for years now, must we all forget his “water cup” interview just a week before the “re-lace” interview? The Thunder had just lost to the Denver Nuggets, their 4th loss to them this year, and an interviewer asked him how much it mattered going into the playoffs.

Hit em with the ice cold “they don’t” (pun was 100% intended).

Westbrook needed to have that ice cold cup of H2O after the game, hydration is key, especially in the post game interview. Normally postgame interviews are boring, not many people stay tuned into their local stations to watch all the postgame coverage. I can’t see why you would want to change the channel in Oklahoma City though, particularly when they lose. Westbrook will have nothing but Twitter gold, and that just adds to his already large reputation of being the NBA’s most interesting man.

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