No Fap Newton, Cam Newton Is Giving Up Sex For A Bigger Brain.

So recently on the Late Show with James Gordan, he had guest Cam Newton come on to talk about his new YouTube channel. On the show Cam spoke about wanting to give up something new each month during the offseason. January he gave up gambling, February he gave up eating meat, and March well he decided to give up something much more fun.

That’s right, Cam Newton is giving up the “climax” for the month of march. No Climax Cam claimed he was doing this to make himself more mentally tough for the upcoming season. Why he decided to do this in the offseason and not during the season is beyond me, but he may actually be on to something.

Without getting to far into this subject, the no-fap movement has grown in popularity, so much so that there is even a website called Studies have been show to back this 0 fap 0 fornicate policy. From famous boxers, to philosophers, to even the Dalia Lama himself have backed this practice of no touchy no tooshie.

Will this make Cam Newton a better QB? Probably about as much as his ludicrous taste in fashion makes him a better player. But if anything he’s doing to just challenge himself as a person and I can respect it. Who knows maybe next month he will be giving up the Super Bowl itself, oh wait, Von Miller already did that for him 3 years ago.

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