A Nasty 3 Way Divorce In Pittsburgh Leaves Big Ben With All The Blame.

Watching the Steelers this offseason was like re-watching my parents get divorced. Things were said that shouldn’t have been said, people were getting involved that shouldn’t have been getting involved, and now years of dedication and loyalty are in the toilet. Ben Roethlisberger has been called out by Brown and Le’Veon for not being a good leader and they both hinted at that being a possibility for them moving on. Obviously Bell’s situation was different to that of Brown’s in that he was moving on due to money/contract disagreements with the Steelers, but Bell did sit down with Jenny Vrentas (Sports Illustrated) and mentioned that Roethlisberger was a “factor” in why he left.

Antonio Brown had a much less subtle way of saying why he moved on from Ben Roethlisberger and the Steelers in his appearance on HBO’s show The Shop.

Clearly both Bell and Brown had chemistry issues with Ben Roethlisberger, and both thought he had an-owner-type mentality. Big Ben was like the arrogant father and Bell and Brown were the underappreciated wife that always got blamed when the Steelers lost a game. It’s no secret that Big Ben is likely arrogant, but perhaps he’s earned it a bit. He’s put the Steelers on his back since 05′ and his reputation for toughness in the amount of punishment and injury he has played with throughout the years has given him credibility within the NFL. This is not to say that Big Ben’s poor ability to connect with his best play makers isn’t his fault; however.

James Harrison sat down on FS1’s Undisputed to talk about his relationship with Ben, and what could have gone wrong in the Bell and Brown situations.

It’s odd hearing a defensive player talk about how he had a better relationship with the QB than the star offensive players on that very same team. In any case if Ben truly thinks he’s the ultimate leader of that franchise, in which Bell and Brown claimed he is, it’s on him to foster that relationship. You see with any good relationship, there is trust and communication, something that was clearly missing in the nasty 3 way divorce in Pittsburgh.

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