The Fellowship Of The Super Bowl Ring.

Alright I’m jumping on the Browns bandwagon now. This team is so damn interesting, it’s hard not to be a closet fan at this point. All of the sudden, a team that hasn’t been to the playoffs since ’02, and quite frankly the butt end of every football joke, is gaining recognition and attention in a good way.

Odell Beckham Jr. once again broke the internet after getting traded to the Browns only 7 months after signing a record breaking contract with the Giants (that’s so N.Y).

The Brown’s didn’t even make the playoffs last year, but people have put high exceptions on them with this upcoming season. I mean how could you not? Baker Mayfield had a historic rookie season, and looks every bit as a star franchise QB. Now with Odell and Jarvis Landry, Baker has arguably one of the best 1-2 punches in the league at the receiver position. He also has a very promising running back in Nick Chubb, and after he serves his 8 game suspension, Kareem Hunt. Let’s also not forget about their solid tight end too, oh and their star corner back, and great defensive pass rush, lets just say The Fellowship of the Super Bowl Ring has been assembled. I know i’m riding the Browns bandwagon hard right now but there is a catch.

Baker needs to lead this team into the depths of the playoffs, no matter how perilous and arduous the task, it’s his burden to bare. As we see too often in the NFL, the championship window is a small one and when it’s open you have to take as much advantage of it as possible. Even though the Browns are a team on the come up, it’s obvious that there will be some serious salary cap issues in the future. At some point you will have to sign Baker to a massive contract assuming that he keeps playing at the rate he did last year. Then you have the Odell contract, and Landry is making close to $15m a year, a million went to Hunt in the off-season, and not to mention all the new contracts for the other promising rookies from last year. At some point in the near future the math won’t add up, and the Browns need to capitalize on the newly assembled Fellowship sooner than they think.

The Fellowship of the Super Bowl ring will be tasked with the seemingly impossible, leading the Cleveland Browns into the playoffs and coming home as world champions.

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