Can The NL West Be The Best Division In Baseball?

It’s not outlandish to think that the gold standard of baseball could come out of the NL West this upcoming season. LA Dodgers are always a top NL team, and I understand that they lost Yasiel Puig and Matt Kemp in a trade to the Cincinnati Reds, but the fact remains that the Dodges now are more flexible with their pay roll for new players to come in.

The big news this off-season has been with the Padres and the Rockies. Possibly the biggest sought after agent behind Bryce Harper, was Manny Machado who the Padres were able to lock up for 10 years at $300m. Big fans of the MLB and understand teams ability to develop players through their farm systems, know of the Padres success in that department. actually ranked the San Diego Padres #1 for top farm systems in the league and with new prospects on the rise with the addition of Machado, it’s not outlandish to think the Padres could turn things around this season and make a playoff push. The fans are even rallying around the signing of Machado, and generating excitement for the upcoming season.

Next, the Colorado Rockies were able to hold on to their star 3rd basemen in Nolan Arenado for close to $260m over a 8 year period. On top of that, the Rockies have now made the playoffs the last two years in a row and look to keep the momentum going in the right direction.

Let’s also not forgot that although the San Francisco Giants have fallen on some rough times as of late, they are a prominent baseball franchise and have a history of winning. With all that in mind they could be just 1 outfielder acquisition through trade/free agency to getting things back on track. The Diamondbacks, well looks like there are re-tooling and cleaning some room for more salary so ya, that’s them.

The NL west has been a solid division these past couple years and with the way things have gone so far in the off-season I’d look for the Rockies, Padres, and even the Giants to compete with the Dodgers for the divisional title.

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