Wide Receivers Can’t Make a Team Elite

Well I guess Odell Beckham jr is on the Browns now. I didn’t see that one coming, but the Browns are all of the sudden a hot contender for the AFC championship in the upcoming year.

But are they really?

Ah yes the argument as old as time itself, should you pay out top dollar for receivers? I mean teams certainly have already been doing that for quite some time, but if you follow the trend of super bowl winning teams, receivers are often not the common component.

I give you the New England Patriots for starters, a team that’s known to have undervalued players who produce in the right moments yet no top-dollar highly sought after wide outs. Yes I get it, Edelmen, a wide receiver, won Super Bowl MVP this year but that’s only because you can’t give it to a punter who we all know was the real MVP. If you turn the dial back even further, in the last 10 years teams like Baltimore, Denver, Seattle, New York (Giants), and New Orleans are teams that you don’t equate elite receiving cores to either, it’s more or less elite QB’s teamed up with elite defenses. The problem paying high dollar for a top receiver is more fundamental than that however. The big issue is that it’s a dependent position on the field and if the O-Line can’t block/pass protect, the running back isn’t picking up blitzes, and the QB doesn’t have the right decision making, guess what? The ball ain’t going to the receiver no matter how fast or strong they are.

I think College Football analyst Joel Klatt said it best and i’m sub-quoting here, “dependent players play outside the numbers, it matters what everyone else is doing, get space and catch the ball, that’s your only job”.

That right there is why, no matter how good a wide out is, it doesn’t make your team a Super Bowl contender just because.

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