Antonio Brown: Kicking and Screaming

Mr. Big chest is not going into this off-season quietly, being incredibly open and vocal about how he feels with his situation with the Steelers. After sitting out the final game of the season, news came out that Antonio Brown had a conflict with QB Ben Roethlisberger earlier at practice that week. The Steelers failed to make the playoffs, and not long after that AB requested a trade from the team.

AB’s issues with Big Ben were noted throughout the season and even goes as far back to years prior. Remember Brown throwing a water cooler for not getting an open pass? The thing is, AB was most likely getting tired of receiving blame from Roethlisberger and the fan base alike, and it finally hit a tipping point. Perhaps more substantial than that, is AB wanting to receive a BIG contract after noting what fellow WR and friend, Odell Beckham got from the Giants ($90 million) and could have been informed by his agent that the Steelers was most likely not going to pay up. I don’t take issue with AB wanting a trade, it makes sense and players should never have to feel like they are being forced to stay with an organization against their own will. The issue is how AB is going about parting ways with the Steelers.

AB is well noted for openly criticizing his QB and it’s a bit hypocritical as future HOFer Big Ben is one of the biggest reasons he’s had such and illustrious career to this point. Look at guys like Larry Fitzgerald who was quoted saying that “AB doesn’t know how good he has it” and Fitz knows exactly what he’s talking about he’s had some god awful QB’s in his career.

Even more ludicrous than that is when AB sat down in a recent interview and well….. see for yourself.

That’s when I realized that AB has decided to go “full retard” (no disrespect to the mentally defective community). What you did there is requested a trade to another organization and in doing so willing hitting the open market. When you’re openly trying to get a new job, maybe the one thing you don’t do is proclaim that you actually don’t even need to work. It’s the real world equivalent of me quitting my job because I wanted to find better work, and then going on my Linked In profile and changing the bio to, “I actually don’t even need a job”. On top of that, that’s such a miscalculated lie on AB’s part, of course you need the game bro. How in the hell would you be able to pay of that helicopter, Rolls Royce, mansion, mink coat, and mustache dyeing kit? In the meantime still no word at this point to where AB’s future team will be, and the options are running out for Mr. Big Chest.

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