If Lebron Can Reconstruct His Hairline, He Can Reconstruct The Lakers.

Lebron has been at the butt end of every joke on social media lately. Come to think of it, this isn’t helping much either, but hear me out. If Lebron gave the same passion and energy into helping fix the Lakers franchise as he did with his own hairline, the sky is the limit for L.A. Lebron has been doing some wack things since coming to LA, sitting out two weeks for a groin strain, comes to the stadium drinking red wine like he’s on vacation, and then claiming he’s “been activated” when he realized he’s about to miss the playoffs, etc.

Oh ya, there was this too.

L.A isn’t going to make the playoffs and Lebron is now going to be used sparingly for the remainder of the season. If he’s truly in it for the long haul in L.A, I believe that he can actually help turn this dumpster fire around. Lebron is a lightning rod for criticism, and as hypocritical of me it is to say, it’s not really his fault this team won’t make the playoffs. The team built around him doesn’t want to play with him, can’t play with him, and without him, would be just as bad. While being a lightning rod for criticism, he’s also a lighting rod for free agents and everyone wants to play with the self proclaimed GOAT.

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