Charley Casserlys Toupee is Overcooking His Brain.

With the immense clap back that Charley Casserly is receiving for the Kyler Murray comments, you know your boy had to get a slice. Kyler Murray has been criticized by many for his poor interviews and press conferences having scouts and team executives wondering if this is a precursor to more red flags.

Ya the kid isn’t the most polished interviewer on the planet, but that doesn’t mean you’re a good football player or not. The fact that Casserly public spoke out about Murray’s poor interviews wasn’t the issue, it’s that he absolutely trashed the kid.

Casserly goes on to say, “Leadership, not good..Study habits, not good…The board work, below not good” and in doing so sparked others to dispute his comments. Former Coach Kliff Kingsburry came to Murray’s defense and publicly denounced many things that Casserly reported on claiming the Murray was an excellent leader, and studied harder than anyone he knew. Even Stephen A. Smith went as far to call it “systemic racism” when talking about the Casserly criticism of Murray.

An interesting aspect to the Casserly comments, is that he has a business program that he runs which prepares NFL combine prospects in having a clean and polished interview for NFL scouts, so it can help them land a job. The conflict of interest can be seen from a mile away, Casserly has a keen eye for the interview process and was way too critical on Murray for not taking his course on preparing how to answer scouts questions. One thing Casserly is forgetting, is that being good at press conferences and interviews doesn’t make you a good NFL QB, so what if he’s awkward? Kyler Murray was a top 10 draft prospect for both the NFL and MLB and if he can stay true to studying hard and learning the game, he will have an electric career.

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