The Combine Is Just a Safety Net For NFL Teams.

The NFL scouting combine is a televised event where most NFL scouts and their respected teams treat it as a can’t miss event. Many teams that have scouted successfully throughout using the combine will be the first to tell you of its significance in the draft process. The combine as well as the NFL draft have both grown in popularity in a symbiotic way, the more popular the draft has become the more popular the combine has become.

If you ask me it’s more of a scouting/media event now more than an actual snapshot of what talent is coming up for the NFL. Don’t get me wrong, the combine does serve it’s purpose for the tangibles of each player as far as their actual height/weight and dimensions goes. The drills give a quick picture for scouts to cling on to when making the difficult decision of allocating where to invest their draft picks.

That should tell you everything you need to know about the combine.

The combine was created by scouts for scouts, and the very idea that you actually have to be formally “invited” to the combine is the very reason I don’t buy into the hype. I mean the list of the great NFL players that have played illustrious careers who weren’t either invited to the combine or performed poorly at the combine is staggering. The famous quote goes, the only predictable thing about pro sports is that it’s unpredictable. Applying that thought to the combine, I really think it’s just a way to have NFL teams feel safe and happy knowing every…little….single….finite detail of these players before selecting them, and as they should they will be investing in these players after all. To think that it’s anything more than a measuring contest is mindless and imprudent, all the combine is a safety net for NFL teams just to make them feel more secure about rolling the dice on a player.

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