The Fantastic 4 Of Denver

As strange as things may seem for the city of Denver right now with having the beloved Broncos failing to make the playoffs for the last 3 years, there is a lot of momentum building for the other sports clubs in the city. News broke yesterday that the Colorado Rockies decided to throw a $260 million dollar contract for 8 years, at star player Nolan Arenado. The Colorado Rockies are a team almost none would consider at the top of a desirable list for baseball players looking to go down as one of the best to ever do it, as Arenado is. Arenado has since spoken about the deal and on his decision to stay with the Rockies.

The Colorado Rockies have been a team that’s had momentum building for the past several years making the playoffs in the past 2.

The next hot news coming out of the Centennial State, is the Denver Nuggets. They have had a historically great season and sit only one game back from the Golden State Warriors, as we approach March. The Nuggets starting center, MVP Nikola Jokic is the focal point for much of the teams success and is regarded as one of the top rising starts in all the players in the NBA under 25. With last night’s game against the Oklahoma City Thunder, Jokic was also only the second 7-foot or taller player in history to record 20+ games with 10+ assists behind Wilt Chamberlain, which shows Jokic’s unselfish characteristics that have made this Nuggets team so dangerous this year.

Finally, The Colorado Avalanche are another team knocking on the door to the playoffs this year, and behind NHL superstar Nathan MacKinnon, anything is possible. The Avalanche shocked the hockey world last year when they turned around a historically bad season around from the year prior, and made the playoffs. Hockey was not in a great place in the city of Denver and it was getting harder and harder to spot fans wearing any semblance of an Avalanche jersey in the city. With the team rallying around their start player, MacKinnon who was final candidate for the hart trophy (MVP) at the end of last year, the team surged into the playoffs and left fans of Denver hockey flocking back to the Pepsi Center. The team looks to keep riding the momentum from last year into a tightly contested playoff within the Western Conference, this year.

There you have it, 3 teams in Denver that all are expecting playoff runs all lead by their respected super stars. I know Denver isn’t the same when the Broncos are losing, but it’s a great time to be a fan of Denver sports. A whole new collection of sports fans are being born right before our eyes. Players like Nikola Jokic, Nolan Arenado, Nathan MacKinnon and of course, Von Miller that play the game at an ultra high level have the fans flocking to the stadiums to catch a glimpse of their athletic mastery. Kids will be looking up to them, buying jerseys and inspiring a whole new generation of fans that will recall what made them fall in love with these respected Denver teams. And that makes them the Fantastic 4 of Denver, Colorado.

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