Lebron James is Now Officially Wack

I want to put this into context first, the person writing this went out as 11 year old, and asked to do extra chores to boost the allowance in order to be able to purchase a Lebron James jersey back in 05. I’ve been a big fan of Lebron and his game for quite some time, and even defended his decision to go to Miami, even kept wearing my jersey instead of burning it like an anxty (is that a word?) teenage girl after a breakup. When Lebron came back and won the championship against Golden State, I even contemplated considering calling him the new undisputed G.O.A.T, “contemplated” being the key word here. You see, what he was doing in Cleveland was nothing short of magical, giving that fan base and that city something to really be proud of, to help garner a whole new generation of die hard fans that would rep Cleveland their whole life. Even when they weren’t the historically dominant team that Golden State was, something about Lebron vs the world added to his legacy that much more and taking down one of the greatest NBA teams ever assembly certainly held merit.

Fast forward to this past off-season in which Lebron decided he had nothing left to prove in Cleveland and wanted to relocate to embody his legacy for ever. He chose the Lakers, and it made sense on the surface, go to a massive market where the whole nation always keeps extra focus on, and ball out. Fast forward once more to the home stretch for the NBA season and the Lakers sit 11th out of 15 teams in the west, he’s tried to get his teammates traded, his coach fired, and is talking about his own teammates behind their back to the media. What really capped it off was his most recent interview after a loss to a very bad Memphis team.

It’s just so painfully awkward to listen to a guy who hasn’t been with an organization for even 1 full year try and talk about why this franchise should’t be the one you choose if you don’t like distractions. He’s talking about his teammates that have been playing here longer than he has! Lebron than right after that decided to get on Instagram and celebrate himself for making it in the top 10 all time for scoring and assists. I mean he had been the guy that got a bad rep for being too arrogant even though he seemed to always say the right thing, but after this I just can’t defend him anymore. Lebron has gone full blow whack, he’s whack guys and I could care less about his legacy anymore. MJ is the GOAT, a guy who plays through a flu and balls out with 38 points, almost fainting several times, is better than a guy sitting out 2 weeks with a groin strain and drinking wine on the bench like an old Italian grandma from Newark.

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