UNC Students Vandalized And Sabotaged Zion’s Shoes.

The whole world is talking about Wednesday nights game between North Carolina and Duke, where the biggest story in Zion Williamson blew clean through his shoe 30 seconds in the game. In doing so, Zion was out the rest of the game with what is being called a minor knee strain from the incident. Out of all the NBA games that have been played along with NCAA games, blowing clean through a shoe like that may be first of its kind, and I’m not buying it!

Listen folks, my tin foil cap is on right now and my third eye is more wide open than the missed pass interference in the NFC championship game. I’ll tell you what you need to hear not what you want to hear, UNC students got to Zions’ shoes before the game and gave them the ol’ Nancy Kerrigan treatment (too soon?). There is no goddamn way someone just blows through a brand new pair of Nike’s like that without them being tampered with, I mean come on, I know Zion is a big dude but so are half the guys in the NBA and you don’t see them blowing out a tire.

The fact the NCAA hasn’t looked into this is pitiful. Listen, UNC is known for having a great Biomedical program at it’s university, and tell how it’s not fishy that those nerds could have calculated up the right amount of force to…I don’t know sprain a knee? More important than that, I think the real one’s out there (like your boy) that own high-end Nike’s like the Paul Gorge 2.5’s know that those bad boys are tough. I myself have summited 14,000 foot mountains in those kicks and got a triple double in them not more then 3 hours later. I will not rest until Zion’s shoes are brought to the justice they deserve, this was an inside job to scare Zion into sitting out the rest of the year. It’s not fooling me.

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