When Does March Madness Become March Sadness?

It’s when the place you once got blacked out at and overdosed on caffeine at, loses, and your school pride as an alumni takes a hit. But if you are in the majority of the population that went to community colleges, division 2 schools, or barely even made it through high school, it’s when you start chucking money at 10,20, even 30 different brackets and still fall way short.

It goes without being said that March Madness turns into Sadness real quick when top seeded teams decide to not show up for the round of 16 or even worse, the first round. With the madness just around the corner, when or should I say, with whom does the big sad take place this year? Last year Virginia did the impossible (the event in history that I’ve now coined, “The Big Sad”) and decided to lose to the 16th seed in the first round and can honestly anybody even remember the name of the school that upset them? Things like that have given me trust issues, especially when I start to contemplate what teams will break my heart and when I mean heart I mean wallet this year. With the way Virginia’s season went last year losing out right away, it’s hard to say using facts and stats can make or break a solid bracket. But when has stats or facts really helped in the midst of madness? The fact that any given game any school has a chance means to put on those lucky panties or whatever weird shit you do, and pay homage to the basketball gods because any thing can happen.

Head my warning this March and try to enjoy the game more so then your own brackets. Because who are you? why should anyone care about what you think is going to happen to basketball programs you just found out existed 20 minutes ago? March Madness is always a blast and watching the Duke vs North Carolina game as I’m writing this, has got me more hot and ready than a $5 pizza from Little Caesars.

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