Nick Foles Will Knock The Eagles Out of The Playoffs

Probably a confusing sentence to read, but hear me out. I think by this point everyone and Nick Foles’ grandma knows that the Eagles and him are looking to part ways during the offseason,  setting up Foles for a chance to shop and find a team that’s a great fit and looking to pay up.

If you look at the teams that would be needing a QB going into this NFL offseason, it’s hard to see a team in more dire need of a QB to come in and win right away, than the Washington Redskins. Alex Smith is out of the picture due to a gruesome leg injury in which some are speculating that Smith might not play in the NFL ever again. The Redskins are still a talented team looking for a replacement for Smith and the fact that Washington actually has some cap space to spend, and what better place to spend money than on a reliable, veteran QB? This maybe the first time in my life I’ve ever agreed with Stephen A. Smith, but he’s right, the best fit for Foles is to stay in the NFC east with the Redskins.

Here’s where things get interesting, Foles can be a random QB very random, so random that he goes from a journeyman-style QB with Jeff Fisher to going OFF his year with Chip Kelly, to back to being a sub-par QB, to being a Superbowl MVP, etc. His carrer is a roller coaster ride and I bet his agent has lost many hairs, and sleep because of it. With his randomness in play, it’s fun to think of the possibilities that Foles comes into Washington with his veteran leadership much like Alex Smith did, and leads them back to the top of the NFC East.

In the land of hypothetical, anything is possible and how could you not see Foles leading the Redskins to a win over a very good Eagles team, in the playoffs, knocking them out? Mass confusion would insure in the city of brotherly love, where anyone wearing a Redskins jersey would mean war, especially if the longtime hated Redskins knock the birds out of the playoffs. Do the Eagles fans burn all remaining Foles jerseys? Do they curse the management for ever letting him go?  Does the city ride to the statue of Foles and rip it down like the Saddam Hussein in Firdo Square statue? Oh the possibilities of the cruel irony just melts my heart and warms my soul and the fun thing is, it can actually happen!

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