Drew Lock is Jay Cutler trying to make a comeback

Drew Lock is making comparisons all around the scouting community with his playing ability; to Jay Cutler. Not only that, but he’s eerily similar to him in his mannerisms and looks like him too, it’s not fooling me. Jay knew this was a weak draft year for QB’s and found his chance, went disguised a couple years back due to science (science is dope don’t sleep on science) and planned this whole thing out to get back to throwing pig skin in the big leagues. Jay knew  his pre-pubescent ways of handling his team and his critics kibosh’d him from having any teams wanting him back in a big way and began to scheme his revenge on all of us.

It’s going to be a hard pill for many to swallow but if you draft this guy you’re drafting Jay Cutler but with smaller hands (science). So let’s call it what is it is and realized that he’s only poppin’ right now because of how weak the QB class is, and is taking full advantage of it.

Chances are it’s like anywhere from like 12% to like 3% true and I don’t like those odds, scares the daylights out of me, and it should scare you too and that’s a hot baked take out of the oven.

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