Welcome to the NHL Seattle, what’s the lowdown?

Well as to no ones surprise Seattle has now got a professional team, and after you reportedly sell 10,000 tickets in a little under 12min it was almost a certainty that the NHL will find its newest market in the coffee drinking, hemp wearing, raining city of the north.

The plan is for the team to play in the 2021-2022 season with the same expansion draft rules that applied to the 2017 Vegas Golden Knights team. The team is set to play in the KeyAreana where the SuperSonics used to shoot hoop at (RIP), rendering massive renovations that look to be in the upwards of $600 million.

The next great leap that the newest member of the NHL will have to overcome is what to name the team, logo, color scheme and all.  There are tons of names being thrown around and even ones that seemed to be favored are far from being finalized. The top names so far?

-Seattle Emeralds: Wizard of Oz much?

-Seattle Totems: Really intimating, a wooden stature

-Seattle Rainiers: This one isn’t all that bad if you ask me, might be difficult to come up with a way to generate excitement about.

-Seattle Evergreens: Doesn’t really roll off the tong that great. And what’s less intimating than a wooden stature? A grove of trees.

-Seattle Krakens: There are some blogs that you will read online that favor this one the most, I think its corny and doesn’t hit the ear right, Seattle Serpents or Seattle Squid would almost be better if they had anything to do with Seattle.

-Seattle Renegades: Another good one, but not unique to the city.

-Seattle Sasquatch: A long shot for a team name but is unique and could be a fun one for a logo, but I don’t see a lot of adults with full time jobs and bills to pay having enough imagination to believe in the name (get it). Plus, the Colorado Avalanche already did the Yeti thing and still have the big foot imprint on some of their jerseys.

-Seattle Metropolitans: Personally, if you ask me, there is a good chance they bring the name back from the 20’s when Seattle had a hockey team winning championships and Jay Gatsby was falling for Daisy all over again.

The name of Seattles’ NHL team will take plenty of time come together, and most of the hockey world is excited to see what they choose (unless it’s the Seattle Starbucks).  

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