With Kareem Hunt Released, What’s Next?

By now anyone who has any sort of pulse on the NFL knows the news. If not let me fill you in.

-Story breaks on Friday with video released by TMZ of altercation with Hunt and a young woman

-Hunt was sent home by Chiefs and Rodger Goodell places Hunt on “Commissioner Exempt List”

-Chiefs release statement, and cut Hunt immediately from the team.

Alright so that’s the shimmy on everything things move fast in the NFL and the Hunt situation is a shinning example. Now, whether or not you believe the Chiefs did right by releasing him, the next couple of days are going to determine Hunts professional career as we know it. Keep a close eye on how Rodger Goodell handles this situation, the NFL as of late has had a no tolerance policy, and time and time again the NFL will dish out punishment regardless of what law enforcement find him guilty of. Both the NFL and the Chiefs were made aware of the situation earlier in the year, and took Hunt on his words. Now with the video surfacing it was made apparent that he had lied and let him go.

http://www.tmz.com/videos/0_exjrtvg5/- Link to video

Looking forward after watching the video I think the NFL will come down hard, but to say his career is over is a stretch. This is NOTHING like the Ray Rice incident, but you should never ever put your hands on a woman, especially as a professional athlete where your looked at as a role model. That being said, and pending what actions the NFL take, what team would want him? The sad fact is, if you are dynamic and a good enough player teams will tend to overlook some of your poor decisions as long as you can help them win. Lets say Hunt gets a year suspension with no contact with any NFL organizations, which can be a likely outcome at this point. Hunt is too young and talented for him not to come back in 2020/2021 season and bounce back, the big question is with who.

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