The Window is Closing For Tampa

Anyone who is a fan of any major sports knows what a “championship” window is. Much like a weather window for the brave climbers of Everest who have invested countless hours, hundreds of thousands of dollars, and even the well-being of everyone involved, so is the fate of professional sports.

The Tampa Bay Lightning have been one of the leagues best for years now. Try now this year, they sit at the top of the league once again a quarter way through the season. The team is stacked, and seem primed to win the cup this year. However; it has a feel like this has to be the year, they can’t dominate forever and the pendulum will swing back the other way if they can’t capitalize. Look at the Blues, Blackhawks, L.A, and it seems to be happening sooner than later to the Golden Knights.

With only two defense-men lined up with long term contracts, (Hedman and McDonagh) the Light may be fleeting for the Lightning. All terrible word-play aside, Tampa NEEDS to make a strong push for the cup this year before the window has passed and closed for good.

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