Charges After Rivers…The New Browns

I think we can all agree the Ol’ man River is having one of, if not, the best years of his career. It’s at times like these that I hide into my shell of negativity as a Broncos fan, and can’t help myself thinking that after he is finally reached the point of retirement, the Charges will resume back to the losing way. It’s undeniable what that man has done for the franchise in the last decade, and rivalry aside he’s one of the great ones. We know all too well in Broncos country when a man that has been the backbone, the rock, the heart and face of a team, decides to call it quits.

Critics will be quick to point out the, Melvin Gordans, the Hunter Henrys, the Joey Bosas, and Mark Ingrams. I’m here to tell you, without Rivers and his leadership those guys will be decent football players on a garbage team. You heard it here folks, and all Chargers fans are doing (if there is any left?) are kidding themselves in thinking they are building something. Sure there is the draft and free agency in the upcoming years, but I’m telling you nothing will immediately replace Rivers and that will leave the team, the coaches, and the fans with something more to be desired. That never works and is a recipe proven time after time to stunt the growth of a organization immediately parting ways with a HOF QB. So when the time comes, Charger nation, say Au revoir to the good old boy Rivers and buckle down for some dark days ahead and that is a Hot Baked Take right out of the oven.

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